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The Mediterranean Online Forum 2020
9-13 November
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Marco Negri
PhD in Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, Tecnomac s.rl.

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Marco Negri was born in 1982, he has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering (hydraulic specialization) and a PhD in Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, whose subject is the wave energy converter EDS (Energy Double System) patented by Tecnomac s.r.l. He is a research fellow at the Politecnico di Milano, where he started working for Professor Stefano Malavasi just after the thesis in 2007. In addition to wave energy conversion, his other research fields are the vortex-induced vibration, the hydraulic resistances (valves and differential pressure flowmeters), the erosion produced by two-phase flows (liquid-solid) and the bluff body flows. His activity is mainly experimental, conducted at the Hydraulics Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. Marco Negri started working on the EDS system since its inception in 2009, developing and testing its laboratory scale model at the Politecnico di Milano and collaborating with Tecnomac s.rl.