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The Mediterranean Online Forum 2020
9-13 November
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Costas Karamanis
Chairman of the ICT Sector Group

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Costas Karamanis is working in various EU collaborative networks, since 2001. The main areas of his activities including participation in the Innovation Relay Centres (IRC, 2001-2008), the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN, 2008 - now). He is the technical coordinator of EEN-Hellas. He is the chairman of the ICT Sector Group, an international group consisted of more than 60 members of the mentioned network. Served also as the National Contact Point for several thematic areas for the EU Framework Programmes, including Energy (2007-2012) and Space (2015-now).

He holds a degree in Production & Management Engineering. His experience combines knowledge and competencies in fields such as natural sciences, engineering, management, systems of production, economics, operational research, information systems, and logistics.