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3rd online debate - “Resilient food supply chains lessons learned”
The outbreak of the coronavirus brings about unprecedented challenges for the EU agri-food sector. The sector responds and adapts to the new circumstances, including logistical disruptions and rapidly evolving demand, with efficiency, supported by measures taken by the European Commission.
2nd online debate - “Cleaner Energy and climate neutrality: new avenues to consider”
With more than half of humanity on lockdown during this pandemic, a decline in energy demand was inevitable. Energy is just one part of the recovery puzzle, but it is a vital one. The choices countries make right now will determine the next generation of energy infrastructure and jobs.
1st online debate - “COVID-19 and climate change: Α tale of two crises”
Mr George Kremlis, as president of the organizing committee of the Circle the Med Forum and the International “Circular Clima Institute” of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) will host the Director General of DG ENV of the European Commission Mr D. Calleja - Crespo