Green Growth matinee
Developing investment in the green economy: opportunities, strategies and services in the Mediterranean - Développer les investissements dans l'économie verte: opportunités, stratégies et services en méditerranée
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Andrei Geica
Chief Policy & Impact Officer of Sporos Platform

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Andrei Geica is the Chief Policy & Impact Officer of Sporos Platform, focusing on policies to materialise the Circular Transition of SMEs. He monitors policy developments at national and European level to inform the investment strategy and assists portfolio firms by coordinating the provision of dedicated consultancy services on circular business models.

Andrei Geica is an EU policy expert with international experience, advising companies on how to inform their strategies for future-proof decision-making based on a constant monitoring of all EU policy areas covering major industrial sectors. With direct experience from the European Parliament, followed by two years of Policy Monitoring Consulting in the private sector in one of the largest Parliamentary legislative monitoring consultancies in Brussels, he decided to apply this knowledge in the underserved South-East European region by providing tailored policy monitoring in Greece, following more than 5.000 sources of information on a daily basis.

Using this broad expertise, Andrei instructs companies on how to avoid silo mentalities, how to exit path dependencies, and how to keep up with the numerous changes and evolutions that happen at both European and global scale, thus directly contributing to the competitiveness and the internationalisation of Greek businesses.

Andrei holds a BSc in Political Science and International Relations (Cum Laude) at the University of Parma, Italy and an MSc in Politics and Government in the European Union (Distinction) at the London School of Economics and Political Science.