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The Mediterranean Hybrid Forum 2021
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Vasilis Xiros
NTUA Electrical and Computer Engineer Graduate, co-founder of JBM, Software Engineer and AI Researcher

// Short bio

He graduated from National Technical University of Athens as an Electrical and Computer Engineer, following the IT direction.

His interests include machine learning, neural networks, data analysis, business intelligence, natural language processing, internet of things (IoT), smart cities and distributed systems. Some interesting projects he has taken part in are smart universities with smart amphitheaters, books classification and clustering using deep learning techniques, insights extraction using data from parking areas, safety incident analysis tool as a service for airplanes and airport companies.

He is a passionate engineer who has been involved in various hackathons and competitions with JBM and received honors, awards and special recognitions. The vision for him and for the other JBM co-founders is to create innovative products that will make the world smarter. A current project he works with his team is dynamic traffic lights for smart cities.