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The Mediterranean Hybrid Forum 2021
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Kalliopi Papadaki
Directorate of Urban Regeneration of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment & Energy, Consultant & Scientific Advisor of the General Secretariat of Spatial Planning & Urban Environment at Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy

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Kalliopi Papadaki is a graduate of the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic School, of the Department of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a Master's Degree in the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program "Architecture - Spatial Planning", in the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of the Technical University of Athens, specializing in "Urban Planning". From 1989-2007 she worked as a freelancer in her personal office, specializing in architectural studies and supervision for private and public projects. She took part in architectural competitions and collaborated with large design offices for projects in Greece and abroad. In the period 2007-2009, she worked as a secondary school teacher, teaching technical specialization courses. From 2009 until today she works in the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy as a permanent employee, in the Directorate of Studies and Urban Regeneration Projects. From 2015 until today, she holds a position as a special associate in the private offices of the political leadership of the Ministry (associate of Deputy Minister, associate of Deputy Minister and associate of Secretary General of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment). Throughout her career she continues to be trained through seminars and workshops. She represents the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy in a great number of European committees and programs and participates in or coordinates a large number of national inter-ministerial committees, councils and working groups. She has publications and a significant number of presentations at conferences. She undertakes the organization of conferences, seminars, scientific meetings, events, etc. of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. She is a member of the EU BIM task group, the National Coordinator of EMW, the NRC for com in the EEA - EIONET, and representative of Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy in the National Advisory Group for Blue Prints. She is a member of the main teaching staff of the Training Institute of the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government, the Register of Public Administration Executives and, the Accessibility Committee. She specializes in urban planning, sustainable urban development and urban regeneration policy, building capacity management and digitization of structures.