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The Mediterranean Hybrid Forum 2021
18-22 October 2021
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Ihab Tarek
Senior International Legal and Governance Expert

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19 Oct 08:00 - 10:00 GMT
Green Growth

// Short bio

16 years of experience as follows: 1- In Environmental law: 10 years (2 years as Head of Environment sector at Ministry of Justice when I have established the Environment Courts in Egypt for the 1 st time 2008/2009 + 5 years as legal consultant to Supreme Council for Environment in Bahrain + 2 Years as Legal consultant for MEWA “Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in KSA” 2017-2019 through a contract with (BAH) Booz Allen Hamilton of USA + Recently, 1 year from 2020, Senior legal Advisor to H.E Minister of Environment in Egypt through a contract with GIZ (German Development Agency in Egypt) till present, 2- In Programme management: (5 years) 4 years as legal consultant to UNDP environment programme and Co-manager in Egypt + 1 year as Programme management officer (environment Governance) and legal officer at the Regional office for West Asia (ROWA) – Manama, Bahrain 2016/2017, 3- In Environment Projects: Senior legal advisor to the European Union Delegation in Amman, Jordan ( from September- to October 2019 ) through a contract with Acciona “International Spanish Company” – Investigation mission to assess the Environment performance indicators of the Jordanian Government related to the release of the 2nd variable tranche of the budget support, Senior Advisor to FAO of the United Nations, ITALY: SWM programme “Sustainable Water Migratory”- from September 2020- till Feb,2021” through PSA contract.

  •  Conduct the latest Environment regulations in KSA, 2020
  •  Conduct the latest executive regulations of the Waste Management Law No 2020 for the year 2020 in Egypt and chaired the committee for the implementation of the said law.
  •  Conduct number of Environmental legislations in Arab Countries (Bahrain, KSA, UAE, Egypt….) and support developing a Strategy of Environmental Governance in the Arab Countries- Presented before the CAMRE session at the Arab League 2017.
  •  Co- author of the UN Environment Waste Management Outlook for West Asia Countries, UNEP Publications, 2020
  •  Conduct “A Strategy and Action Plan of the Environmental Governance in the Arab Countries” – Presented to the Arab League October 19, 2017during the CAMRE session.
  •  Conduct a research on “The existing Regulations and Legislations in Egypt about the Industrial waste management” – the Egyptian Ministry of Industry (African Development Bank Financed Project) 2016.
  •  Conduct a research ''Toward a comprehensive legal framework for Integrated coastal Zone Management in Egypt'' - UNDP Egypt 2011.
  •  Conduct an assessment Research about Laws and Regulations which contradict with Bio safety law of Egypt (Presented to The Biosafety project at Ministry of Environment with UNEP 2009).
  •  Conduct the bylaw of Saudi Environmental Council- June 2009 (Consultancy Contract).
  •  Conduct “Gap analysis Research of the Saudi Environmental System” Presented to Saudi Government through contract with CEDARE (Consultancy Contract),2012
  •  Conduct a research “The Environmental legislations and law; Its Importance and Implementation Tools) presented and published at the First International conference for developing the environmental legislations in Arab countries - Riyadh - Saudi- July 2008.
  •  “Author the legal component- of the 1st SoER State of Environment Report of Dubai 2015/2016” Presented to the Government of Dubai, Under publish.
  •  Author “Combating the violations of Environment” literature- National Centre for Judicial Study” Publications, Egypt, 2011.
  •  Conduct number of Environmental Legislations in Kingdom of Bahrain, The Latest was amendment of the Bahraini environmental Law.
  •  Legal consultant and Lecturer for Basel convention Regional center (Hazardous waste) - (SSA) contract November 2008 .
  •  Lecturer for Protected Areas Managers/ Rangers in Sharm el Sheikh- training center (Session organized by the Capacity Building Project for Nature conservation) December 2007.
  •  Lecturer at the Arab Atomic Energy Agency Lecturer for Environment Friends Society (Kingdom of Bahrain) 2014
  •  Lecturer and member at the Scientific committee of the Conference on Environmental Security organized by Naif university for Security Science, Bahrain,18-20 March 2014.
  •  Member at the Biosafety Project Management committee Ministry of environment funded by UNEP from 1 April 2008 till 2011 (Legal advisor to the Project committee).
  •  Represent the Egyptian Ministry of justice in many International conferences especially in the field of the environment.

Administration: Head of the Environment department at Ministry of Justice 2011+ Focal point between Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Justice + In charge for conducting 2 years training programme for 550 Judges and Prosecutors in the environmental cases+ I have established for the 1 st time in Arab Countries the special environment Courts/Benches in Egypt 2008.