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Alexandros Yfantis
Founder and CEO of SYCHEM group of companies

// Short bio

Dr.-Ing Alexandros Yfantis is the founder and CEO of SYCHEM group of companies. He is a PhD Chemical Engineer who graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (Greece) in 1996 and the Brandenburger Technical University of Cottbus (Germany) in 2000. He has significant experience in the design and operation of water & wastewater treatment systems, cathodic protection, and energy saving, with more than 60 publications in scientific journals and conferences. His scientific work as well as the engineering achievements of his group have been recognized with several national and international awards. In 2017 he personally supervised the design & installation of Technical Bioenergeiaki (SYCHEM group subsidiary) Biogas Power Plant with unique features & innovations. Since 2020, Dr. Yfantis is the President of the “Hellenic Association of Biogas Producers” (HABIO).

In 2016, he has been selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur for his high impact on the growth and employment in Greece.