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Aomar Bourhim
Head of the Multilateral Cooperation Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, Mοrocco

// Short bio


•1986 : Sub Bachelor degree Biology-Geology

•1988 : Bachelor degree of Science : Geology : Option Petrography

-Master of Science : Maritime Safety and Environment Protection (Option : Administration) at (The World Maritime University, IMO subsidiary, Malmo, Sweden) dissertation’s title : (The UN approach to reduce threats to living marines resources from fishing and ship based pollution)


• IMO : London,

• Classification Society: Det Norsk Veritas: Norway,

• MAERSK: Denmark;

• VICKING Group: Denmark;

• CDG: Germany;

• HELECOM: Finland;

• SISAV : Malmo-Sweden.

•President of the of the African Students Association at WMU (ASA-WMU-1998-1999)


•1989 : Recruitment at the Ministry of Marine Fisheries and Merchand marine as fisheries scientific observer onboard EU fishing vessels ;

•Training course on fishing observation technics at the national fisheries research institute (INRH-Morocco) ;

•1992: Convention (USAID-Department of Marine Fisheries): 06 months of intensive English courses at the American Language Center-Rabat-Morocco, and training courses on fishing observation technics in the USA: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) / National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ;

•1992-1993: Technical Manager of scientific observers programme at the Ministry of Marine Fisheries

•August 1992 : Summer School on Geographic Information System GIS -Centre Royal de Télédétection Spatiale (CRTS-Morocco) ;

•1993-1996: Investigator on artisanal fisheries activities in the southern provinces of Morocco.

•November 1999-August 2001 : Director of the South Atlantic Marine Fisheries Chamber in Dakhla-Morocco ;

•August 2001-December 2002: Head of Marine Fisheries Service in the Marine Fisheries District of Essaouira-Morocco ;

•November 2001: Training course at the National School of Administration in Rabat (the structures and functioning of territorial administration in Morocco) ;

•January 2002 : Assignment to DGAP-DPMA: Maritime Safety of and prevention of marine pollution service ;

•October 2003 : Training course in Germany organized by InWEnt on the negotiating skills of environmental issues in the context of free trade agreements within the framework of the World Trade Organization Organization (WTO) ;

•December 2003 : Participation to the workshop on assessing the cost of environmental degradation, organized by the World Bank and the Secretariat of State for the Environment. Morocco ;

•November 2006 : Expertise for Eritrean State : feasibility of creating a packing and canning factory for of small pelagics ;

•January to March 2007 : Training session in Japan-Yokohama: Gender mainstreaming in fishing community development ;

•March 2007: Member of the Moroccan Joint Committee responsible for the preparation of the session of the Joint Committee: Morocco-Sao Tome and Principe ;

•July 2007: Assignment to the Directorate of Legal and Cooperation affairs ;

•Member of the Morocco-Japan Committee for final evaluation of the technical cooperation project "Improvement of methods for valuing seafood" Centre for Technology and Valuation of Seafood (CSVTPM) Agadir-January 2008 ;

•2008 : Moroccan committee member responsible for diagnosis of marine fisheries sector in Mauritania ;

•Marine Fisheries Department Commissioner at the intercessional meeting of the IWC, London 6-8 March 2008 ;

•Member of the Moroccan delegation to 24th session of UNCLOS 82 conference

June 2014- NY-USA;

•2015 : Member of the Morocco-JICA audit committee for small pelagic fish evaluation and monitoring model at the INRH, Morocco ;

•May 2016 : OFCF Japan : Training course in Tokyo Japan (managment of marine fisheries and sustainable exploitation of marine mammals)

•2007-2017 : Moroccan counterpart of Japanese expert assigned to the - Marine Fisheries Department (DPM) responsible for the immersion of artificial coral reefs on the coast of Morocco with two visits to Tunisia in the same frame (on an experimental artificial reefs for the benefit of artisanal fisheries cooperatives) ;

•Member of the National Steering Committee Projects for the immersion of artificial reefs in Martil and Agadir (industrial scale)-Morocco ;

•2013-2015 : Morocco-USA MCC program: Member of the national committee for the implementation of the projects of the 3 protected marine areas ;

•December 13th to 15th 2011 –Dakar : Representative of the Department at the meeting of the Sub Committee on Regional Fisheries (SCRF) : marine protected areas ;

•Academic year 2011-2012 : Visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences : Ain Chok -Casablanca : Maritime environment and integrated fisheries management (Master degree cycle).

•Moroocan candidate to UN continental shelf committee.

•August 2017- Currently : Head of the Multilateral Cooperation Service (DPM : Department of Marine Fisheries : Morocco) with the follow up and monitoring the regularization of Morocco's contributions to the budget of IWC, ISA, ICCAT, GFCM, ACCOBAMS, ITLOS, INFOPECHE etc ;

•Moroccan coordinator and focal point of the WestMED/ Blue Economy initiative and the project of integrated maritime policy in the Mediterranean IMPMED ;

•2018- Currently : Member of the Departmental Committee for the Recruitment of New Skills and the Internal Promotion of Public executives at the DPM Morocco ;

•December 2018-December 2020/ co-chairperson of the WestMED Steering Committee ;

•April 2019- Currently : Moroccan focal point for IOC UNESCO Maritime Spatial Planning Global Project ;

• September 9 to 13, 2019 : The World Trade Organization-Geneva : Member of the Moroccan delegation at the cluster on the negotiations of fisheries subsidies.


Fluently : Arabic. French English, and Maghreb Arab Dialects

Basic knowledge : Spanish